Cross Infinity Symbol Necklace for Women 925 Sterling Silver










      The cross represents love and redemption. Jewelry in the shape of an infinity symbol generally represents love that transcends time and is often used to represent eternal love. It has become the first choice for gift giving between couples or relatives. This necklace is exquisite in workmanship and moderate in price, giving people a delicate feeling and a beautiful feeling.

      Made of fine jewelry 925 sterling silver and embellished with high quality cubic zirconia stones, it has passed rigorous contact testing and proved safe for human body. Does not contain any harmful ingredients. It is nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free and non-allergenic.

      Women's cross infinity symbol necklace size is 31mm * 19mm (1.22 * 0.75 inches), great jewelry gift for birthday, anniversary, wedding, congratulations women, mom, wife, girlfriend, grandma, daughter.

      Necklace are made of 925 sterling silver. Lead-free, free, nickel-hydrogen, skin does not hurt, can be worn, anyone can wear it.

      Cross Infinity Symbol Necklace for Women 925 Sterling Silver

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