Two Elephants Anklet in Sterling Silver










      The elephant is one of the oldest symbols of auspiciousness. The noses of the two elephants cross each other to outline love, indicating your intimate relationship with the person you care about. The ear is a circle, meaning that life never ends. Make a wish and wear an elephant anklet to remind you whenever you need a little luck. Just point your elephant trunk to the sky and believe, it will be full of hope.

      The elephant anklet brings you good luck and is the best gift for family and friends. The relationship between the two elephants makes you and the other closer, suggesting that you are firm and eternal for this relationship. This cute chic necklace can be sent to your friend relatives in festival,it's an ideal gift for women and teen girls. it also perfect for all dress up and any occassions,eg Valentine's Day, Wedding, Mothers day,Party, Engagement, Class, Dating, Beach, Home,


      Two Elephants Anklet in Sterling Silver

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