Red Crystal Hoop Earrings










      SILVER HOOP EARRINGS FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS -- Rosy hoop earrings are designed as sleeper earrings to be worn by people with newly pierced ears, these 10mm hoops may appear more stylish than simple studs, while serving the same purpose of being comfortable throughout all hours of the day.

      Package includes:

      1* Earrings (Pair)

      1* Delicate jewelry box

      1* Gift bag

      1* Maintenance instruction

      1* Silver polishing cloth

      SILVERHOOPEARRINGSFORWOMENANDGIRLS--Rosyhoopearringsaredesignedassleeperearringstobewornbypeoplewithnewlypiercedears,these10mmhoopsmayappearmorestylishthansimplestuds,whileservingthesamepurposeofbeingcomfortablethroughoutallhoursoftheday.Package includes:1* Earrings (Pair)1* Delicate jewelry box1* Gift bag1* Maintenance instruction1* Silver polishing cloth

      Red Crystal Hoop Earrings

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