Turquoise compass earrings










      DESIGN OF COMPASS CHANDELIER EARRINGS -- This kind of compass chandelier earrings are designed to be small and very light in order to not stretch the earlobe or cause a tear in the piercing hole. it features a style of being casual and dressy depending upon the outfit you are worn. elegant, eye-catching and attractive, suitable for daily wear.

      Package includes:
      1* Earrings (Pair)
      1* Delicate jewelry box
      1* Gift bag
      1* Maintenance instruction
      1* Silver polishing cloth

      DESIGNOFCOMPASSCHANDELIEREARRINGS--Thiskindofcompasschandelierearringsaredesignedtobesmallandverylightinordertonotstretchtheearlobeorcauseatearinthepiercinghole.itfeaturesastyleofbeingcasualanddressydependingupontheoutfityouareworn.elegant,eye-catchingandattractive,suitablefordailywear.Package includes:1* Earrings (Pair)1* Delicate jewelry box1* Gift bag1* Maintenance instruction1* Silver polishing cloth

      Turquoise compass earrings

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