Saint Michael the Archangel Necklace in Sterling Silver Oxidation










      St. Michael Archangel Pendant

      St. Michael Archangel Pendant is a unique amulet that works for protection. Each pendant was carved carefully by the priest and consecrated through a ritual with holy water.
      The pendant is carved with St. Michael's figure and represents St. Michael's shield, and there is a tiny sword used by St. Michael to slay evils. St. Michael the archangel, is the leader of angels and an army of God. He was believed to protect people against evil.
      St. Michael helps to cast evil away from seeking the ruin of souls. The pendant symbolizes defense, protection, safety, defense, firmness, and nobility. St. Michael Archangel Pendant gives people who encounter difficulties the courage and strength to move forward.

      Sterling Silver Saint Michael NecklaceDESIGN CONCEPT - Saint Michael Protect US: Spiritual gift of being blessed for lover family friend and yourself as a daily necklace. Protective religious jewelry perfect gift for anyone in the military or a police officer.Package includes:1* Necklace1* Delicate jewelry box1* Gift bag1* Maintenance instruction

      Saint Michael the Archangel Necklace in Sterling Silver Oxidation

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