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YFN Jewelry aim to integrate sustainability into everything we do. By avoiding excessive inventory and reducing waste, we leverage our manufacturing expertise to provide personalized, customized services to our customers and ensure quick delivery. We guarantee repurchasing jewelry produced by YFN, ensuring a healthy "lifecycle."

How YFN Jewelry Exchange Works?


Exchange Process

    • ①If you want to exchange the jewelry, please provide the order number and the item(s) id or title to us.
    • ②When YFN valuated the price, if you agree, you need to return the jewelry and provide the tracking number to us.
    • ③After we signed the agreement, you will get paid to your PayPal account or YFN wallet, not only the exchange paid, but also 10% off coupon code.
    Disagree and Return
    • ①When YFN valuate the price, if you disagree, you need not return the jewelry.
    • ②When YFN send the offer, if you do not accept, we will return the jewelry and you need to pay for the return fee.

    Recycling Applicable Products

    Customers can have gold, K gold and other precious jewelry which were purchased from YFN official website ( https://www.yfn.com/ ) exchanged. Please consult our customer service for specific details

    Exchange Safety

    With over 30 years of expertise in precious metals, we have served 300,000 satisfied customers. Your items are always secure with us, from shipping to delivery and payment, your jewelry is thoroughly protected every step of the way.

    Three must-know things before exchanging

    1.How much gold is there inside?

    Gold rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made by combining a certain amount of pure gold with other metals. The gold content in items can be defined as KARAT, for example, 10k, 14k, or 18k, or purity ratings such as 417, 585, 750. This also applies to all precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. Silver, platinum, and palladium are often marked with purities like 900, 925, or 950. Purity tells us the amount of pure gold in the item.

    2.How much does this item weigh?

    The weight of an item, combined with its purity, can tell us how much pure gold it contains. For example, if a gold ring has a gold content of 50% and weighs 10 grams, the item contains 5 grams of pure gold. That 5 grams of pure gold is what we would be purchasing from you.
    Notice: The weight specified here refers specifically to the weight of the metal, and any stones on the jewelry will not be included in the measurement.

    3.What is the current price of gold?

    Now that we know the purity and weight of the item, we will pay you based on the daily market price of gold. The market price, also known as the spot price, is determined by the world market and fluctuates constantly. The market price is always changing. All the "prices we pay" listed on our website are real-time (please contact customer service for specific details).

    Today's Recycling Price

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